Is Your Employment Agency Treating You Right?



Just because you're a temp worker doesn't mean you shouldn't be treated right. And make no mistake -- there are plenty of employment agencies out there who won't keep your best interests in mind. Here's a few questions to ask yourself to help determine whether your employment agency is giving you the treatment you deserve.

Does your employment agency offer substantial benefits? Because so many people think of temp jobs as short-term solutions, they don't think they're necessarily worth the cost of benefits packages. But temps actually are a long-term investment -- for the employment agency. Make sure you find a temp agency that's willing to make that investment in your well-being.

Does your employment agency offer training? The relationship between an employment agency and its employees should be more than a simple work-for-pay arrangement. It's in the agency's best interests that you maintain the highest skill levels in the most advanced technologies. And it's in your best interests to be able to make yourself more marketable. So look for an employment agency that offers you the opportunity to hone your skills.

Does your employment agency have a searchable database of jobs? At some temp agencies, the only way to get jobs is to wait for the recruiters to call you. At best, you might be able to initiate regular contact with them. But an agency that allows you to search for jobs yourself is one that understands the efficiency of letting ambition drive its temps.

Does your employment agency understand you're looking for a permanent job?  It's no use staying with an agency that strings you along. If you've been doing your best at a temp agency whose recruiters don't understand that you're looking for permanent employment. Look for an agency that offers temp-to-hire programs that allow employers to bring on the best and brightest full-time.

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