Industrial Staffing: Who Will You Be Working With?



When you get your first industrial staffing position, you'll need to familiarize yourself with the types of employees you'll be working alongside. Here's a brief rundown of just a few of the colleagues you'll have. In some cases, these may be jobs that you have, or work toward.

Floor Manager. Most likely, this is the person who'll be giving you assignments. He or she might not carry the "floor manager" title, but every factory or warehouse has an individual who serves as general manager of operations on the floor.

Machine Operator/Tool Operator. Industrial staffing is diverse. Factory floors feature a wide array of machines and their operators -- tool and die makers, machine presses, molds and more. Many of these operators have highly specialized skills and are highly in demand.

Forklift Operator. This industrial staffing position is "trainable and attainable" -- it's a job you can aim for even if you don't have the skill when you come on board. Training a forklift operator is relatively simple for an employer to do -- the costs are low, and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration provides free materials.

Quality Control. A good deal of quality control happens at the executive level, so this is a clerical as well as an industrial staffing position. But quality control officers may visit the factory floor or warehouse, either for regular interaction with employees, or when there's a problem.

Fabricators/Packagers. Another relatively simple job available to beginners, fabricating and packaging is one of the last steps in the assembly-line process. As industrial staffing jobs go, it's fairly simple: Just follow the instructions to put something together, and box it up.

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