12 Things to Look For When Hiring Temps




Temps. They’re all the same, right?

Well, no. You might think of temps as having no appreciation for the consequences of their actions – after all, they’re not going to be here next week, so why should waste time and energy on quality job performance?

If that’s your view, you’d be surprised. The vast majority of temps are dedicated and hardworking – and most have an appreciation for the contacts and connections they make when they’re on the job. Temps are looking to impress.

But for the most part, temps are only as good as the staffing agency that initially hires them. So here are twelve ways to spot great employment agencies:

They offer their employees both short-term and long-term staffing positions. Good temps don’t want to be temps forever. To ensure that you get a temporary employee who’s in the business of impressing you, make sure you go with a staffing service that gives its employees more than a day or two of work at a time.

They have a payroll transfer program. This lets you start new hires out on a probationary period, where they’re on our payroll (instead of yours) for the first few months of their employment. This way, you can see how someone is working out before making a long-term commitment.

They offer web-based testing and training. If your temps can access training programs for the technology you need them to know, that’s good. If they can do it from their own homes, it’s even better. If they can easily hone their skills whenever they want, or when you ask them, to... well, that’s the best anyone can ask for.

They have an extensive network of contacts. A wider array of hiring companies attracts a wider array of temps, each with unique areas of expertise.

They’ll help you out even when times are bad. Sometimes the economy takes a downturn, and you lose employees as a result. Staffing agencies can be the best places to turn when you’re looking for ways to give employees a helping hand on their way out, so look for one that isn’t afraid to share its know-how. Make sure its own staffers can teach interviewing skills, resume writing and employment counseling.

They know safety comes first. Your employment agency should make sure its temps review and comply with workplace safety protocols. Find one that’ll work directly with your company to conduct safety orientations and make sure your new temps will wear the proper protective equipment.

They specialize in temporary-to-permanent positions. Make sure your staffing service doesn’t just offer temps the opportunity to find permanent positions – they need to make it a priority.

They’ve got a job search database. If a temp agency’s temps can look for jobs, that increases the chances you’ll be paired with the perfect employee.

They understand how important insurance is to working people. Just because someone’s a temp doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserve the same benefits as permanent employees. Temps that are well-cared-for know they’re valuable, so look for an employment agency that offers medical, dental, vision, prescription, life and disability insurance.

They know their temps have a future. A great temp agency will give its employees the opportunity to take part in an IRA or a 401(k) plan.

They know how to reward good work. Bonuses are an excellent way to motivate workers. Look for an employment agency that offers bonuses for things like safety and attendance.

Their temps can recharge their batteries. Vacation time should be available a day at a time, or in approved weeks off. Extra motivation can be achieved by offering the opportunity to cash out on unused vacation days.


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