TempStar Staffing – the Star of the Employment Industry – is the leader in employee recruiting and retention for good reason. We know that offering our employees more than just a paycheck is crucial to maintaining the number one spot in such a competitive industry. That’s why our employees can partake in a generous benefit package that satisfies a broad array of health care, personal and retirement needs:

*Medical, Dental, Vision, Prescriptions, Life and Disability insurance are all available through TempStar Staffing. Employees may choose these options in an à la carte plan, tailoring their benefits to their own unique situations. In this way our employees have access to coverage while on assignment.

Worker’s Compensation -TempStar Staffing is fully covered and insured for workplace injuries. We take  safety  seriously,  and make certain that injuries are a rare occurrence. Our State Certified Safety Committee includes management representatives as well as employees. We fully investigate every injury for corrective action, possible negligence, fraud and substance abuse (post-accident drug and alcohol testing is mandatory). We prosecute fraudulent claims to the fullest extent of the law.

Unemployment Insurance -While TempStar Staffing’s intention is to always have work available to our employees, we recognize that unforeseen circumstances do occur. All employees are eligible for unemployment insurance per Pennsylvania’s unemployment requirements. We will continue to try and find suitable work for our associates and ask that they update their status on weekly basis to remain on our active availability list of employees.

*Certain conditions may apply, see your staffing coordinator for more details.