Q. How do I go about filling out an application and what do I need to bring
with me?

A.Start out by clicking the “Locations” tab and finding the home page of the TempStar employment agency near you. Each branch lists the times it accepts interviews, and whether you need to make an appointment. Bring the proper state-issued photo ID, along with your Social Security card, Birth Certificate or US Passport. These documents establish your identity and eligibility to work in the United States

Q. How long should I plan on being at Tempstar Staffing for an application/interview?

A.The interview process, which includes filling out an employment application packet, takes about 30 minutes. Applicants for clerical and professional staffing positions may require more time for specific testing.

Q. How soon can I expect to start working after my interview with TempStar Staffing?

A.Your start date will depend on several factors: Your skills and experience, your transportation, and the hours you’re willing to work. The more flexible you are, the easier it’ll be for us to find you a position. Usually we’ll have a temp job for you in a couple of days, if not sooner.

Q.Is there any cost for Tempstar Staffing to find me a job?

A.There is no fee for TempStar to find you a temp job.

Q.What type of jobs does Tempstar Staffing provide?

A.We serve many industries, and so provide a wide spectrum of employment opportunities. We offer industrial staffing, clerical and professional positions, jobs at factories and construction sites and office positions – as well as some unique career opportunities!

Q.I want a permanent job. Can TempStar Staffing help me with that?

A.Yes. We offer multiple long-term career options, such as direct hire, temporary-to-permanent positions, and part-time employment.

Q.If TempStar Staffing sends me to a job and I don’t like it, what should I do?

A.We understand that not every job is for every applicant. If you’re unhappy in your current employment situation, contact your recruitment professional to discuss it. If we can’t resolve the problem, just give us two days’ notice that you’re quitting. You’ll remain in good standing with TempStar, and we’ll help you find another position.

Q.If I sign up with TempStar Staffing am I obligated to accept a job?

A. You are never obligated to accept any work TempStar Staffing offers. If the job doesn’t match your interests, simply decline the position. It won’t affect your standing with us, and we’ll continue to offer you further positions that suit your skills and experience. We always prefer to place our employees in positions that interest them.

Q. How and when do I get paid?

A.You’ll get your first paycheck the Friday following the first week of employment, and every Friday thereafter, as long as you’re on a job.