Five Kinds of Clerical Staffing Positions




If you’re looking for a change in career, and your experience and skill level enables you to work in an office setting, your best opportunity might be to find a clerical staffing position in TempStar’s extensive roster of jobs. Here are a few of the options you might find in our searchable database.

Clerical Staffing in Data Processing. Data processing is any process that involves turning raw data into usable information. The most common step in data processing is data entry, which employs a data entry clerk to type written or printed records into a computer database. Often, data entry requires knowledge of computer applications like Microsoft Excel or Filemaker Pro, but these programs are relatively easy to learn, particularly for those temps who are computer-literate. Companies usually hire data entry clerks in large numbers, in multiple shifts.

Clerical Staffing in Customer Service Being a customer service rep is one of our more demanding jobs. Dealing primarily with the public, you’ll need to maintain a cheerful and helpful demeanor, sometimes in the face of less-than-cheerful customers. Often, but certainly not always, this job will require prior experience – sometimes in general customer service, sometimes in a specific field. Customer service reps need the ability to prioritize tasks and accomplish them efficiently.

Clerical Staffing at the front desk. Receptionists are on the front line of any office. As a receptionist, you’ll often be the first person to greet new clients or visitors, so excellent communication skills are a must. Often you’ll need some computer skills as well, but as with data processing, these are often relatively simple to learn.

Clerical Staffing as a Call Center Associate. A call center associate is similar to a customer service representative, but with two important differences: You’ll rarely interact face-to-face with customers, and you may need advanced knowledge about the products or services offered by the company you’re working for. Call center associates, depending on what kind of call center they’re working for, may be expected to provide technical support, but don’t worry – usually, companies will provide training. This is a good way to build the communication skills that are vital in every field of employment.

Clerical Staffing in Administrative Support Sometimes, companies just need someone to perform general office work. Sometimes they call it general office work; sometimes they call it administrative support. Either way, it means potential jobs for TempStar employees with office experience – or who need office experience.


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