Five Kinds of Industrial Staffing Positions




When you’re ready to enter the industrial workforce, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by your options. There’s a lot of work out there in the industrial staffing field, some of which requires prior experience, but much of which is available to unskilled temps. Taking on temporary assignments like those offered in TempStar’s extensive searchable jobs database is a great way to build up experience, make contacts and decide what kind of career you’d like to pursue. Here are a few of the industrial staffing options available in TempStar’s roster:

Industrial Staffing: Fork Lift Operation Just about every warehouse youíll ever see employs at least one forklift, used for unloading shipments from trucks and moving pallets around. Learning to drive a forklift isnít too hard Ė the steering is a little different from driving a car, and itís important to keep an eye on the forks at all times. Some warehouses prefer to bring on temps with forklift experience, but many others will train, particularly if youíre willing to stay on staff for a long time.

Industrial Staffing: Packing and Assembly These jobs hardly ever requires experience, as they mostly require putting items together or packing goods into boxes in a specific way. Packing and assembly isnít hard Ė it can get a bit dull, but pay is often commensurate. Often these jobs require temps to read and fill orders for clients, so attention to detail is important.

Industrial Staffing: Machine Operation Many factories need reliable and diligent workers to run the machines involved in assembly and manufacturing. These can run the gamut from sewing machines to injection molding machines, and the more advanced and complicated devices may require experience.

Industrial Staffing: Mechanic Mechanics are called upon to maintain and repair just about anything with moving parts, from cars and trucks to the machines run by the machine operators mentioned above. These jobs are rarely available to inexperienced applicants, but apprenticeships are sometimes available, and learning to run a given machine may give a user better insight into how it works.

Industrial Staffing: Metal Fabricating Metal fabrication involves a variety of tasks, including spot-welding, assembly, grinding, operating a brake press or punch press, or sanding. You may work with plate metal, tube stock or sectional metals, welding wire, and much more. Experience with power tools and machinery is often desired.


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