Five Tricks Employment Agencies Use To Get Great Temps



Working in human resources is always a gamble.

For any given position, you’ll always get either too many resumes or not enough. Applicants who master the right interview techniques can sometimes try to “game the system” by telling interviewers what they want to hear.

And bringing on temporary workers can be even more stressful.

The best HR teams know that the secret to working with employment agencies is to find a good one… and stick with it. The employment agencies, after all, are the ones making the choices, and the recruiters who work at them know that their own success depends on the success of their temps. Since good temps breed return business, it makes sense to cultivate a roster of temps who’ll consistently provide impressive work.

Thus, the best employment agencies employ a wide range of methods to weed out those employees who aren’t committed, to retain the hardworking and talented ones, and to create the possibility of smarter and more skilled workers down the line. From the quid-pro-quo that comes with offering good benefits, to the personal satisfaction temps derive from training, these are tools that don’t just encourage excellence – they guarantee it.

Great employment agencies offer training. It doesn’t do anyone any good to let an employee’s skills stagnate. That’s why the best temp agencies always make training and testing available to their employees. Whether it’s leaning how to use Excel or increasing your number of words per minute, your employment agency should be more than a place that finds you a job – it should be a resource.

Great employment agencies take care of their employees. Temps are hired and paid by the employment agencies that bring them on, not the company benefiting from their work. Because of this, it’s the responsibility of the agency to take good care of its workers, so they’ll be happy and comfortable enough to offer quality job performance. That means offering things like medical benefits, vacation time,

Great employment agencies keep things flexible. People aren’t interchangeable – what’s right for one employee isn’t necessarily right for another. Good temp agencies know that, even though some work may seem unskilled, the environment it’s performed in may be the deciding factor in which temp to send. A paralegal won’t do as much good at a publishing house as at a law firm, even if the job is something anyone with a pulse can do.

Great employment agencies offer more than just temps. Staffing doesn’t run on temps alone. Sure, they’re good for quick work, but more often you’ll need an employee with staying power. A great temp agency should offer the full range of staffing positions, from short term to long term. And they should keep their roster full of workers you’d actually want to hire full time, and give you the opportunity to do so with a temp-to-hire program that offers you the opportunity to bring a temp on full-time. Your temp agency should also specialize in head-hunting services, taking the grunt work of HR out of your hands.

Great employment agencies know their job doesn’t end when the temp leaves their offices. Find a temp agency that can provide the entire scope of HR services, from hiring to management and administration. Finding an employment agency that can take all the work of hiring out of your hands may seem like a pipe dream, but such an animal does exist – and it’s worth finding.


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