Industrial Staffing: Five Skills You May Need (Or Develop!)



Machine Operation. Many factories are looking for workers skilled in the operation of a variety of machines, including sewing machines, injection molders, industrial presses and more. A good industrial staffing resume will include experience on a wide array of machines.

Forklift Driving. A forklift truck operator loads and unloads goods for deliveries, or moves them to and from storage areas inside a warehouse. Often, applicants must complete an approved training course to operate a forklift, and for many jobs will be required to have a valid drivers' license. You'll also need basic math skills in order to work out weights -- you don't want to damage the forklift by picking up something too heavy. Many industrial staffing jobs either require forklift driving skills or give employees the opportunity to learn.

Mechanical Aptitude. Skilled mechanics are always highly in demand, and the ability to fix complex devices -- from vehicles to industrial machinery and everything in between -- can open plenty of doors for you. During your time with an industrial staffing agency, try to learn as much as you can about the mechanics of the devices you work with -- it'll make you more marketable in the long run.

Packing and Assembly. The good thing about this skill is that it's a simply one to develop. Most industrial staffing positions involving packing and assembly only require that their applicants be able to follow instructions. But while inexperienced applicants can get these jobs, those with experience will always look better.

Communication. It's not a technical skill, but it may be the most vital one you develop. Industrial staffing positions, like any other job, require their applicants to be able to communicate efficiently and effectively with supervisors and other employees. Communication skills are especially important for those looking to move up the ladder; once you've got that promotion, you must be able to properly convey to your employees what is expected of them.


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