Recruiting: How Winning Companies Do It Right



Staffing your office is one of the most important tasks you’ll encounter as an administrator. Finding a high-efficiency ensemble of professional and talented employees is a dream many HR professionals go their whole careers without realizing. But a detailed and goal-oriented recruiting plan can help you turn your office into a well-oiled machine.

Donít get us wrong: Recruiting isnít easy. Wading through piles and piles of resumes may seem like an inefficient method Ė a black hole from which no attempt at time management can escape. And then thereís always the risk of hiring the employee who turns out to be great at acing job interviewsÖ but little else. Itís enough to make a recruiting professional want to look for a nice, comforting mailroom job.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

The key to efficient and effective recruiting is to find ways to attract only the best applicants, and not just the job-searchers who send out fifty resumes a day. The smaller and more precise you can get that pile of resumes and form letters, the more likely you are to make a great decision at the end of the day.

Build a recruiting referral program. With a referral program, your current employees are rewarded in some way when they suggest a candidate whoís eventually hired. How you want to reward them is up to you, but remember that greater incentives might result in better candidates.

Recruiting is simpler when you’re a member of a professional organization. Chances are, if you’ve been in business for a while, you’re a member of whatever professional organization your company specializes in. It’s a great way to get news and keep on top of new developments, but it’s also a good way to scout the field for potential new hires.

Ask promoted employees for recommendations. An employee who just moved a few rungs up the ladder  will be happy to help fill his or her own shoes – and will also know exactly what it takes to do so. Even if you can’t fill the newly-empty spot from within the organization, your recently promoted employee may know someone personally who fits the bill.

Take a good long look at your recruiting ads. Be as specific as possible about the position you’re recruiting for, and use upbeat, positive language. If you’re advertising in the local paper, be sure you’re getting the ad online as well as in print.

Look in your rolodex. Maybe you’ve known the right man or woman for the position for years, and it’s never occurred to you to ask if they’re interested. Treat everyone you know as a potential candidate – you may surprise yourself.

Let someone else do the recruiting. A good employment agency can give you a lot more than a temp who can do filing and data entry. Many have “temp-to-hire” programs that allow you to test out a new hire before bringing them onto the payroll. It’s a good way to try out as many potential employees as you need until you find the right one.


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