Recruitment: The Basics



Attracting new employees is rarely a simple task. Hire the wrong applicant, and the whole company suffers. Toss out the wrong resume and risk losing out on a management genius who can market everything but himself. And there’s always the risk of hiring someone who looks great in an interview, but doesn’t perform once he’s brought onto the company roster.

Recruitment is a full-time job on its own; that’s why human resources is one of the first departments any growing company creates. But recruitment doesn’t have to be a crap shoot; there are plenty of ways to minimize risk when it comes to staffing your company.

Here are a few recruitment tools used by savvy HR professionals:

Temp-to-Hire. This service, offered by many staffing agencies, represents a reliable way to gauge an employee’s effectiveness before deciding whether to hire him or her part-time. Temps are often hungry for employment, so hiring them is often a great way to bring on new hires who are eager to impress. You’re also unlikely to fall victim to bait-and-switch by someone who interviews well but performs poorly once hired; if a temp doesn’t like where he is, he’s likely to ask for a reassignment, in which case you can simply bring on another temp.

Wording the Ad. Any advertisement for an open position is bound to attract a plethora of applicants. Seasoned recruitment professionals, though, know how to advertise a job in a way that will ensure the smallest number of qualified resumes. They know specificity is better than generality – if you write an ad that describes, in as much detail as possible, the kind of candidate you’re looking for, you’re more likely to weed out unfavorable applicants early in the process.

Google. Before the Internet, recruitment was a more haphazard process. These days, it’s simple enough to check up on someone’s resume by typing their name into a search engine. This isn’t without controversy, however; if you see an applicant with a beer in his hand in a MySpace photo, does that strike him off your short list? What if he made politically charged statements on an online forum? It’s up to you, and your HR department, to determine what’s fair game and what isn’t.

Current employees. Graphic designers tend to chat in online forums. Newspaper reporters covering the same beat usually become friendly with each other. And many others in professional fields meet colleagues at professional development gatherings. The upshot is that your existing employees are an excellent source of intel when you’re trying to get a good picture of who’s available out there.

Video resumes. Right now video resumes are the Big New Thing in recruitment, and they’re bound to die down in the months to come. But for right now, a video resume combines the best features of a paper resume and an interview. It also puts a very specific skill on display: videography and video editing. Whether these skills are useful to your company is up to you – but any applicant innovative enough to put a new skill to use in this way might be a boon to your company.


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