Staffing Your Office: The Basics



Whether your business is a week-old startup or a NASDAQ fixture, it’s not going to run well without a talented and dedicated staff. The men and women working in your offices are the lifeblood of your company, and its performance depends largely on their productivity, efficiency, and job satisfaction. So staffing decisions aren’t ones you want to take lightly.

Of course, staffing the more vital managerial positions in your office (or warehouse, or assembly floor) will be a complex process. But sometimes you need more staff now Ė thatís when you bring on the services of a staffing agency.

A good staffing agency can provide your office with motivated, high-quality temps who are eager to impress. Often, temps have an undeserved reputation for being lazy and indifferent, but any HR rep can find highly motivated, skilled temporary staffers. Itís simply a matter of bringing on a staffing agency with a competitive edge Ė one thatís very selective of the temps it hires, and that treats those temps with the respect due to anyone willing to give a dayís work for a dayís pay.

Here are a few things to look for in a good staffing agency:

A staffing agency should work with your company’s specific needs. Look for an employment agency that diversifies its employee roster. Do they offer clerical staffing? Industrial staffing? Professional staffing? Or do they just have a generic list of temps, and send you whoever is at the top of the list that day?

A staffing agency should be able to provide permanent staff as well as temps. Sometimes the most reliable way of filling an open position is to hire a temporary employee who has the potential to become permanent. Look for a staffing agency with a temp-to-hire program that lets you bring the best temps onto your own payroll.

A staffing agency should help you through the tough times. Nobody likes downsizing, but in times of economic hardship, it’s sometimes the only way. If you work with a staffing agency, choose one that can help your employees get back on their feet in the event of a layoff. Many agencies offer resume-writing classes, interviewing tips and tools, and other ways of helping the newly unemployed find work. Enlist the services of a staffing agency that cares about your staff as much as you do.


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