Three Big Misconceptions People Have About Temps



Temps – and temp jobs – are often the victims of an undeserved reputation. Many people harbor images of apathetic temps working at unchallenging temp jobs with no hope of advancement. Sometimes this reputation makes life difficult for good temps looking to make their mark in the workplace.

But at TempStar Staffing, we’re here to tell you that temps are valuable and valued employees. And if you’re looking for a job, being a temp can open doors to an entire world of career advancement.

For your edification, then, here are three of the misconceptions about temps and temp jobs – and how TempStar is proving them wrong.

MYTH: Temps aren’t “real” employees.
FACT: Temps at TempStar are as real as you can get. Our recruiters are human resources experts who school TempStar employees in a range of job-seeking skills. We also offer our employees the opportunity to train at any time, with our web-based testing and training modules. We have nearly a thousand different assessments and training programs that give our employees the chance to review their skill levels, brush up on computer applications, or learn new ones.

MYTH: Temp jobs aren’t real jobs.
FACT: The temp jobs at TempStar offer a full range of benefits and perks. We know that a good employee is one who’s well taken care of. That’s why we offer a range of insurance options, including medical, dental, vision, life and disability. We also give our staffers holiday pay, vacation pay, and the opportunity to partake in a 401(k) plan.

MYTH: Temp jobs have no room for advancement.
FACT: Temps at TempStar have career options aplenty. With over two decades in the staffing business, we’ve built up an impressive network of contacts. That means a broader range of hiring professionals to look at your resume. And of course, it’s not unheard of for firms to hire temps as full-time employees.

MYTH: A staffing agency is just a worker mill.
FACT: TempStar is more than just a staffing agency. Our HR professionals can train employees to dress their best, write a winning resume, and ace job interviews. We’ve also helped firms facing force reductions find new jobs for their former employees, through resume-writing and job-searching classes.

At TempStar, our temps are more than just workers. They’re family. And our clients always come first. It’s not just a staffing agency. It’s Central Pennsylvania’s employment solution.