Why are employment agencies hiring in the current economic climate?



During an economic downturn, it's easy to wonder why you should bother looking to an employment agency as a potential job resource. Why would a temp agency even bother with bringing more temps onto its roster when the economy is in such bad shape?

The short answer: Employment agencies hiring in the current economy are doing so because this is their time to shine. In many ways, employment services like TempStar make life simpler for their clients, not only by offering temporary workers, but by offering a slew of services that make human resources a much simpler task.

Here are five reasons employment agencies flourish even when times are bad:

Some jobs always need to be done. Unless a company goes under, it's always going to need people to perform tasks like data entry, filing, customer service and administrative support. It's often simpler and cheaper for firms to hire temporary employees to perform these tasks than to find room in the budget for another salary and benefits package.

Employment agencies provide trainable workers. Training is an expensive prospect; it usually means hiring a trainer, losing time during the workday, and following up when the relevant technology upgrades (and it will upgrade). The best temp agencies offer employee-accessible training and testing modules, so their own employees can hone their skills. Many employees, looking to make themselves more marketable, will take advantage of these tests, giving the agency reps a wide field of choices when client firms come calling with specific requests.

Employment agencies provide screenable workers. In addition to traning, the best employment agencies screen their temps' skills and abilities, making life simpler -- and cheaper -- for firms looking for someone to complete a fixed-length task. Instead of wasting time training its own employees, a firm can just ask its temp agency to send someone who knows how to do the job.

Hiring is no easy task. Ask any human resources rep: Bringing on a new hire can be a full-time job itself. Besides being buried under an Everest of resumes, you've got interviews to schedule and reams of paperwork to fill out. A good way for a firm to keep its HR staff streamlined and efficient is to farm out as much of this process as possible to employment agencies.

Employment agencies minimize risk. Even with an extensive interview process, bringing on a new employee can be a real roll of the dice. The countless resources out there advising applicants how to plan for every conceivable interview question have made it easier to ace an interview, even if you're not the best person for the job. Bringing on such an employee can be an expensive problem for any firm, making employment agencies a much better bet. Many employment agencies feature "temp-to-hire" programs that allow client firms to bring on temporary employees with an eye toward turning one into a full-time staffer.


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