Why should i look for temporary staffing?



During the planning stages of your job search, you may find yourself making a list of what you will and won't do. Of course, that list may change with the state of the job market; in a tight market, you may find yourself willing to do more for less. And when your skills are in high demand, you may adjust your expectations upward. It's a game that's constantly changing the rules.

But one thing you should never cross off the list is the prospect of temporary staffing. Whether in a boom or a recession, temp work is a great way to expand your career options and fluff up your resume.

Here are just a few of the reasons temporary staffing might be a positively great move for your career:

Temporary staffing might not be what you think. Temp workers aren't just a bunch of underpaid cyphers with no skills and no benefits. A quality temp agency pays well, offers health and life insurance, and lets you take time off for illness or vacation. But in return, your employment agency will demand ambition, forward thinking and high-quality work. Every employment agency wants to be tops in its field, and the most effective way to do that is to offer the best temps to its clients. Having good temps means seeking out good workers and treating them well. It all makes for a work environment that might be more professional and pleasant than you might suspect.

Temporary staffing is flexible. Because temp work is so often... er, temporary in nature, there's a lot of flexibility when it comes to scheduling. If your schedule is on the unpredictable side, you can request more short-term jobs. If you've got a whole lot of nothing in your calendar, you can opt for longer-term positions.

Temporary staffing is a great way to learn. If the temp agency you've signed on with is a winning one, it'll offer you plenty of opportunities to expand your skill set through self-guided training. Through online training modules, you can learn a wide variety of computer applications, as well as test and improve your skills in programs you already know. Greater opportunities to expand your knowledge base result in increased marketability -- and more jobs you're well-suited for.

Temporary staffing can lead to bigger and better things. Don't worry -- chances are, you're not going to be a temp for the rest of your life. In fact, joining the staff of a temporary employment agency can open your career up to a while world of advancement opportunities. The jobs on an employment agency's roster aren't hard to get if you have the right skills (and if you don't, you can use the agency's resources to train yourself until you do).

Temporary staffing is a new adventure every day. Maybe you're an office receptionist today -- but tomorrow you may be working at a publishing company or a Web startup or a toy factory. Finding an employment agency with an extensive roster of clients is like hitting the career jackpot.


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